We build tools for startups, developers, and website companies to easily deploy services without the hassle of maintenance, development time, and/or installation time.

If you're a developer building out a custom application, you can easily tie in to our blog, auth, or profile services to bootstrap your project. All services follow a strict schema and adhere to best practices. All services utilize failsafe and fault-tolerant data stores and each client is afforded their own secured storage.

We will be launching with our Professional beta program in just a few short weeks!

  Pilot Professional1 Enterprise
Space 10GB SSD 100GB SSD 1TB SSD
Monitoring Critical Only 24/7/365 24/7/365
Backups None 1 year 1 year
Transfer 10GB/mo 1TB/mo 5TB/mo
Cost Free! Free3 $10 + CPS2
Support Slack Slack Slack + E-mail

1 Beta Stage ‐ During beta we will be determing cost-effectiveness of certain offerings. We plan to run beta for 60 to 90 days.

2 Cost Per Second ‐ We are trying a new cost plan with our serverless provider to only charge when the service is in use, not while it is sitting idle.

3 Free ‐ While a part of the beta you will not incur charges.