What is coactual?

The coactual framework started in 2009 as a from-scratch proprietary framework that powered a propietary CMS and a few additional website projects. In mid-2011, the project was paused for any further major development. During this time, coactual was quietly displaced as advancements in web development proved to be leaving the framework behind.

While it is still in production--and even working OK (*gasp!*)--on various client websites, and is even capable of being updated to PHP 7, it would take a full rewrite to make it PSR-compliant and services-based. Instead, the project team decided to build out the coactual platform as an offering of serverless micro services.

That brings us to current. At coactual we're dedicated to building out services that are easy to connect with, have simple and effective APIs, and will scale to any level. We work daily on building new services, implementing new features, and maintaining the code through a very aggressive quality-first build process.

We don't release code without unit tests, integration tests, and end-to-end tests. We provide access to our current build paths progress. If you're a developer utilizing our services, you want to know we're building you a solid core. We've tied in a full ticket system for both bug reports and feature enhancement requests.

All services follow the OpenAPI (Swagger) initiative and all of our APIs have a schema and are testable in any number of ways.