We are continously building and deploying new services and service updates every day. We will indicate on this page the current status of all of our current and planned1 services.

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Service Name Language Description Deployed Version
Blog A powerful blog service 1.0.0
Auth Authentication and login service 1.0.0
User A user/profile service 1.0.0
Document A document repository [stores files on S3] 1.0.0
Gallery A photo & video gallery 1.0.0
API Integrator Integrate social network and other third party apis and ingest the data. 1.0.0
Shopping Cart Simple shopping cart service; can be integrated with Shopify 1.0.0
Listings A listings manager than can handle any number and type of listings 1.0.0
Geolocation A geolocation service 1.0.0
Crypt A service for handling critical encrypted data 1.0.0
Warehouse Schemaless storage 1.0.0
Epoch Schedule jobs and tasks to be ran by the Epoch system 1.0.0
Billing A full suite billing service for invoicing, payments, accepting funds, transferring funds, etc.. 1.0.0
Booking Take bookings and track those bookings, including cancellations, no-shows, etc.. 1.0.0

1 ‐ This does not mean this is an exhaustive list of all possible services, but instead what we've already set milestones and dates to deliver.